New Challenge in Social Media (Eco-Friendly) by Lilak

New Challenge in Social Media (Eco-Friendly) by Lilak

Plastic Pollution is one of the most severe environmental issues right now. It is threatening to permanently damage this planet's eco-systems past the point of no return.

Lilak Challenge you

having an environmentally friendly product and post it with the Hashtag #lilakchallenge

demonstrating how committed you are to changing the world into a new era, "the ecological era," for the moment, we are in the project of transitioning to all homes in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. With the mission of reaching every home in the world and creating a permanent change in our way of living and consuming products

Lilak has the mission of raising money to implement the project and unite communities around the world and counteract the damage we have done to the environment,

Lilak is classified with a unique class that has innovative to change many around him and seeks all communities' support.

"The next time you get out of bed and go to your bathroom to brush your teeth, look in the mirror, and look at your toothbrush. Remember that you have 450 years in your hands and that they will end up in the ocean as waste with a period of use only three months."

with this phrase, lilak is launched into the world to create a new awareness about people for a better future. eco-friendly Products